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By making a purchase on Petalrelations.com, Customer understands that substitution may need to be made based on season, availability of flowers or other unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances.Customer authorizes substitutions within a specific color palette. The necessity of substitutions is at the discretion of the designer. (ii) Petalrelations, Inc. employs words such as Petalrelations and Petalrelations to refer to the same thing and the Customer is authorized to authorize substitutions of Petalrelations boxes by Petalrelations boxes.

Additionally, by making purchases on Petalrelations.com you are agreeing that (i) the assertions of factual accuracy you've made during the registration or purchase process will be accurate and true as well as (ii) you do not create accounts on behalf or on behalf of any third party or access an account of a third party on behalf of them. The sole responsibility of you is your actions that take place through your personal accounts and you are responsible for keeping the account password(s) private.

We must be notified immediately if your password security is compromised. Petalrelations is not responsible for any losses resulting from any unauthorised use or access to your account.

Currency and Sales Taxes

All purchases are all in United States Dollar currency. We accept only payments in dollars. You can use an online converter for currency to determine the price for your country's currency. Every purchase is tax-exempt. California sales tax.


A written request to cancel must be received 24 hours before the date of delivery for orders. Orders cannot be altered or cancelled after items have been shipped out to be delivered. No Refunds. Only store credit. Be sure to check the details before you submit your order.

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